Innovation in Location Technology

On-Board Communications is a leader in bringing affordable, state-of-the-art GPS tracking and cellular solutions to small through enterprise level fleets, auto dealerships, users of light and heavy equipment, warehouse and distribution facility operators, the individual for personal auto theft prevention, and to the parents of teenage drivers through FleetTraks, LiftTraks, AssetTraks, SafetyTraks, and AutoTraks.

Down to earth GPS, RF, and cellular solutions make vehicle tracking affordable for individual and enterprise alike.
“On-Board Communications saved us over $100,000 in one day! ”
“Thieves beat our security system but they couldn't beat FleetTraks! ”
“There is a whole new attitude with our drivers.”
“FleetTraks helped us trim overtime by 75%”
“We use the On-Board map to call the correct truck for new deliveries”

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